11 Simple Yet Timeless Ways To Elevate Our Mental Health

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness month we've generated a list of 11 ways to tap into a positive mindset.

First Things First

There is a lot of well-intended wellness advice out there right now, inviting everyone to keep a positive mindset at all costs. While society has made us believe that we should strive to have a positive attitude 24/7, the truth is we're human. With being human, we GET TO experience ALL the feels. It's our tendency to celebrate the higher vibrational emotions like joy, laughter, enthusiasm; however there are great lessons to be learned through sadness or anger. And so first things first, honor whatever feels your going through. Instead of trying to push them to the side, sit with them, and ask them "What is their purpose?", "What are they here to teach?", and "Is this a pattern in my life?". If yes, what can you do to choose a new wiring?

Now To The Joy List

1. Honor all feelings, sit with them, ask questions like "What is (emotion's) purpose?", "What is (emotion) here to teach?", and "Is this a recurring pattern?". If yes, what can you do to choose a new wiring?

2. Journal Write all the things you're grateful for then truly FEEL the gratitude. For example, if you're grateful for your pet, picture their furry little face and how it feels to lay with them. Activate your gratitude, don't just robotically write, FEEL.

3. Meditate A great meditation to try is by Radiance Festival's CEO, Monica Adams called "Believe, Receive". Listen here.

4. Dance! Often, we're so stuck in our mind that the only way to become"unstuck" is to MOVE. Dancing is a great way to break through negative thinking that maybe bogging us down. Turn on your current favorite song and dance like no ones watching!

5. Get in Nature Remember you are nature! When we reconnect to nature whether that means going to the beach, walking around your yard, or laying in a local park; when we dip into nature we reharmonize with ourselves. The fresh air to Vitamin D to grounding, ecotherapy is healing in many ways. Extra bonus if you go barefoot and root your toes in the natural grounds.

6. Eat Nutritional Foods Researchers found that people who switched from eating almost no fruit and vegetables in their daily diets to eating eight portions of fruit and vegetables a day experienced an increase in life satisfaction equivalent to what an unemployed person feels after finding a job. 7. Find a Wellness Practitioner It might mean going to a massage therapist, experiencing an energy alignment through reiki, or getting a divine reading with great insights into your current situation. Whatever may call to your heart, trust that inner voice, and book a service with a professional healer. 8. Create Art Art allows us to tap into our creativity and reminds us that we are creators of our reality. Regardless of whether you think you're an artist or not, try to create something just for the sake of creating. It doesn't have to be perfect or meaningful. Simply get lost in the act of making something that doesn't exist yet.

9. Meet New People When we're experiencing a hard time often the last thing we want to do is socialize but it's in these instances that connection is exactly what we need. Phone a friend and share a meal together. Alternatively, find an event that hones in on your interests, get out of the house and go. 10. Remember You're Never Alone Ever. If you feel alone please reach out to loved ones or join Radiance Festival Facebook Group to meet new friends awaiting to lift you up.

11. Come to Radiance Festival Want to experience ALL the above? Grab your ticket to Radiance Festival. Sunday, August 11th is where all of these things will be present and then some. Radiance Festival is a one day conscious music festival bringing holistic healing and divine play together. Use "Monica" as your promo code for an extra blessing!

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